Who We Are

AC Engineering, established in 1981, is an innovative and well established product development company with quality, speed and customer service at the core of our corporate culture. AC Engineering has over 200 patents. We have extensive experience in writing and executing patents to create strong product protection. Our world-class services support your new product development from conception to production. Over time, we have developed a wide range of products leading to a specialization in disposable pumps.

Our Products

Medical Devices

AC engineering has developed completely disposable pumps which distributed today on Hospitals across USA.  The product approved by the FDA and used in a variety of industries including the food, dairy, medical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. AC’s proprietary positive displacement pumps have a motor drive and a separate replaceable pump head.


AC engineering has developed specialized vacuum pumps – now used on Embraer aircrafts. Piston vacuum pumps replace standard 200-series vane pumps, instruments with a very long operational life.. Upper section houses a crankshaft and a connecting rod. The double-acting piston is in an isolated chamber at the bottom of the pump.