Disposable Pump

AC has developed a proprietary rotary vane pump which is disposable and designed to be a replacement for peristaltic pumps in applications of irrigation and dispensing of liquids.
The disposable pump is low in cost and very easily replaced.

The following features distinguish the AC-16 from the peristaltic pump:

– The AC-16 disposable pump is easily installed, with a single twist.
– High flows relative to physical size.
– It does not have the difficult tube insertion, and the risk of the tube pulling through the pump.
– Electric power consumption is very low.
– The AC-16 does not allow backflow into the inlet; peristaltic pumps can backflow each time a roller relieves the tube squeeze.
– The AC-16 can remain installed indefinitely, without the tube kinking blockage common for peristaltic pumps.
– The AC-16 drive torque (current draw) can be used to control and limit the delivery pressure, while the peristaltic pump requires a control system to monitor the pressure.
– The RVP is proprietary, unlike the peristaltic pump.
– The RVP can pump high viscosity fluids without loss of capacity.

Compatible industries

– Medical Hospital/Homecare
– Process and Chemical Industry
– Food and Dairy Industry
– Dispensing of Concentrates and Detergents