Aircraft Vacuum Pumps

AC Engineering has developed specialized vacuum pumps for aircraft instruments with a very long operational life. Piston vacuum pumps replace standard 200-series vane pumps. Upper section houses a crankshaft and a connecting rod. The double-acting piston is in an isolated chamber at the bottom of the pump.

  • Lubricated piston-type pump shows very little wear in service
  • Piston pumps deliver higher vacuum pressure at lower RPM due to air forced through sealed chamber
  • No abrasive particles to trash vacuum-driven instruments upstream of the pump
  • Permanently sealed bearings on crankshaft and connecting rod
  • Break-away fitting to protect accessory drive spline section
  • Tested through 4500 hour run up to temperatures of 250 degrees F with no adverse wear or failures
  • Fits within same footprint as dry vacuum pump
  • Can be orientated in any mount direction to address fit interference issues