Our Founder

Mr. Carmeli Adahan

Mr. Carmeli Adahan vision began at a very young age, with his dream of entering the field of engineering. Carmeli Adahan graduated from Technion University in Haifa, Israel (the MIT of Israel) in mechanical engineering. He moved to the US A in the mid 60’s and spent the next decade working on the leading edge of the technology revolution in many industries. At Ford Motor Company in Detroit, Michigan as an R&D engineer he pioneered the ABS brake system. His engineering work was filled with many “first” designs advancing the “state of the art”. Following his time at Ford, he moved to Berkley, California and worked for several technology leaders including “American Optical”, “Singer Business Machines” and “Dymo Industries”. During the next several years he was involved in the design of the first computerized blood testing device, high speed printers and point of sale electronic cash registers in the retail industry and the first dot matrix bar code printer. Each of these inventions represented a considerable advance in technology.

Breaking from industry, Mr. Adahan set out to use his knowledge and inventive skills by starting his own business as a freelance product developer. During this time he developed several successful products and obtained patents. While in the US he developed and patented a unique ABS braking system and the first non mechanical locking differential. These inventions were privately shared with Borg Warner, Midland Ross and Litton Industries and resulted in licensing agreements for his intellectual property. In the early 80’s Mr. Adahan moved back to Israel with his family to continue development while maintaining a marketing presence mostly in the US.

During the Oil Embargo of the early 80’s Mr. Adahan and his team developed the first Hybrid vehicle using a compressed nitrogen regenerative braking system. Years ahead of its time, this product was revolutionary but enthusiasm for this technology diminished with the lifting of the Oil Embargo and resulting reduction in gasoline prices.

The AC engineering company was created in 1981 with the vision of being a technical solutions company who worked in broad areas of design and technology. Since then AC engineering has created numerous inventions in many fields of science. Amongst these are Specialty Automotive control systems for the severely handicapped, portable and stationary medical respirators and suction devices. The Israeli army used the portable respirator as its standard during the 1990’s. Additionally a version of the homecare/portable respirator, with some 50 accessories, is marketed worldwide by Newport Medical Instruments. The goal of AC Engineering is to improve and simplify devices for increased efficacy, safety, efficiency and ease of use. These devices are then licensed to companies exclusively or worldwide to increase competitive advantage.

Today the AC Engineering Company serves the Medical, Pharmaceutical, Dairy, Food, Chemical, Aviation, and Industrial markets. Our founder holds 32 primary patents and over 200 broader application patents.