Palm Ventilator

Having worked closely with a group of COPD ventilated patients, for the past 25 years, AC developed an understanding of their needs, defining their preference in product features and turning the products into a commercial success. AC has also supplied the Israeli defense forces with a highly portable – electrically powered transport ventilator back in 1992, with unsurpassed size and performance.

Attuned to patient’s needs, AC recognized the true meaning of device portability, as being able to carry it in your pocket rather than haul it around in your pickup truck. AC’s portable suction devices were marketed by DeVilbiss healthcare / Sunrise Medical and Laerdal for the past 18 years.

AC determined that commercial gimmicks, regarding ventilator’s user friendliness or portability, do not sell ventilators, as patient’s sensitivity to detail, as well as long term experience result in careful study of the product prior to making a commitment, regardless of doctor’s recommendation.

The term, Volumetric Diffusive Respiration (VDR®) was coined by Dr. Forrest M Bird in 1980, to define his original novel ability to internally Percuss the lungs, creating ”Intrapulmonary Percussive Mixing” with secondary Diffusion, which was programmed between normal Tidal Volume Deliveries. This logic provided for increased diffusive Oxygen transport into the Alveoli as well as the Convective Wash out of CO2 from the peripheral airways.
AC’s proprietary pump inherently provides the ”Intrapulmonary Percussive Mixing”.

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